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 We would like to come and see BCS's practice. What should we do? You are always welcome and we are looking forward to seeing you at the ground. Please let us know when are you going to come? Because the time and place may change sometime. Please drop your email to us(applicable category).
 My son or daughter has no experience of baseball. Is it OK? No problem, if your kids are interested in baseball and want to play it, we try our best for every kid's levels. We have a favor to ask of you, please support our practice as a coach or supporter.
 We (parents) don't have any experience of baseball, Can we support BCS? Surely yes, there are so many parents or supporter even though they had no experience before. Everyone can support BCS kids.
 I'm a graduate of BCS and planning to visit Singapore soon. But I think no one knows me. Great! we are looking forward to see you at our ground. Please come and join us on weekend. Do not forget to bring your glove.

Other inquiry, please contact us.