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Request to Team Managers and Coaches

23rd Mar. 2011
Chomaru as General Manager of BCS

BCS is for a sake of Children!

 1.To understand and implement BCS mission mentioned on our web site.
 2.To promote baseball to all children living in Singapore.
- To welcome local/American children and play together as a team.
- To take care for smooth communication (language) and don't let them feel as a foreigner.
- To understand IBA World Championship/Pan Pacific players condition (50% local)
 3.Don't stick too much for win
- To play for win and be able to lose graciously. To be well mannered and respect the other team.
- To take care of all children to be able to participate in game/tournament.
 4.Hard in practices, enjoy in games.
Not require skills what player cannot (never try) perform in practices.
- Do not blame player's mistake during games/tournament. 
 5.Fairness, faithful to the fundamental, positive baseball.
- Do not play to lead the other team mistake.
- Stop cheering once pitcher start throwing.
 6.Priority to Academic. 
- To give priority to School events, institute, English exam, etc.
- To do careful cool down after practice to prepare school from Monday.
7. Safety/Health
- To make sure safety during BCS activities (bat swing etc.)
- Enough warm-up, cool-down, catch ball, nos. of throwing to consider children's health.
 8.Date and time of Practice.
- Efficient practice to be conducted (difficult to concentrate in long hours in hot climate)
- Practice date and time to be fixed.
 9.More parents on the field to help coach and activities.
For a child younger than 8 years old, his father should attend practice together? 
- To inform practice schedule to all parents participating practice and give them some roles.
 10.Annual Schedule
To make clear Tournaments/events which BCS participate and make suitable annual practice plan. 

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