Our Objective



    1. To promote baseball to all children living in Singapore. All children = children from all communities
    2. To teach the basic fundamentals of baseball to the youth.
    3. To promote youth baseball as family and community sport.
    4. To use the sport of baseball to promote inter-community friendship, teamwork, good health and discipline.
      1. Inter-community friendship = To communicate, to make friends and understand the different
      2. cultures.
      3. Teamwork = Children from different nationalities must play together as a team.
      4. Good health = Regular training is good for the children’s health.
      5. Discipline;
        1. Learning to concentrate and focus.
        2. To be well mannered and respect team mates & coaches.
        3. To give his or her best.
        4. Play to win and be able to lose graciously.
        5. Adopt positive attitude.
    5. To organize or participate domestic/international baseball tournaments to give our players an opportunity to play with other countries to assess their standard (strength and weakness), and to understand different culture, background through interacting with children from others.

All the above training will make the child a better person and to prepare him/her for the adult life.

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