1. All parents must explain to their children the goals of BCS and help their child to achieve the above goals.
    2. We like to see more parents on the field to help coach and activities.
    3. BCS is a non profit club and all our funds are donations from individuals and companies. We urged parents to help find sponsors. The $100 - 120 per month per member (reduced rate of $80 for brother from same family) will be used for the routine activities in the club and exclude special tournament (in Singapore/overseas) arrangement on ad-hoc basis. Separate fees will be collected (via individual contribution or funds raising) for such activities.
    4. As we are an international group, we should encourage all children to speak the international language ? ENGLISH, and not their mother tongue ie Chinese, Malay, Japanese or Indian.

We have a very unique situation, and this is the best place for EDUCATING our children. Many schools

are not able to provide this form of education for the children. Your co-operation is very important to

make youth baseball a success.

We sincerely hope you can appreciate the benefits BCS is providing for your child and your family.

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