U-15 (Junior High School)


U-15: Under 15 years old boys and girls.

Manager: Mr. Sato

clerical supervisor: Mr. Wada

Manager's Voice

It is Sato who would perform a head coach of BCS Junior High School category (U-15) for Sep 2013 to Aug 2014.

The junior high student has begun to go up the stairs of adult. A parent and the coach must support it. In addition, it is joy for us.The player must feel joy and an impression. And the baseball teaches joy and an impression. We support it with every effort.

Singapore is not suitable to play the baseball when I compare it with Japan and USA. Because there are few baseball stadium and baseball teams so we cannot play a game very much. However, It is good that we can practice much. It leads to technical improvement.

I thank the people who supported us and I do my best for one year and grow.

Team Slogan

“Let's enjoy and learn baseball together with unshakable 2 hearts (Thanks & Happiness) and 6 spirits (Proactively, Correctly, Cheerfully, Pleasantly, Encouragingly and Lively)”.

Team Motto

“Never give up and Do our best to the end against everything”

Action policy and plan

  • Based on an idea of BCS, We support the growth of the player.
  • We must make environment for growth of the players.
  • We increase the experience of the game.

Tournament plan

  • Nov 2013 : Turkey Tournament
  • Dec 2013 : SACAC League
  • Mar 2014 : Kuala Lumpur Friendship Tournament
  • Aug 2014 : Pan Pacific Tournament

September 2013

Katsuhiro Sato

Manager of BCS U-15 Category