U-10 (Junior)


U-10: Under 10 years old, boys and girls.

Manager & Head Coach: Mr. Fujii

Administration Lead: Mr. Umezawa

Manager's voice

Good day,

My name is Fujii, the head coach for the BCS Junior baseball team.

As of 1st of April, 2016, our BCS Junior Team had an enrollment of 20 children ranging from Grade I to Grade IV, a good mix between Japanese and Singaporean. Notwithstanding the language barrier, the children really enjoy playing baseball together. We believe that it is a rewarding for the children to experience playing baseball outside of Japan.

The grade I and II of children are in the phase of their life where they are displaying their individual characteristics and talents. The grade III and IV of children aim to enhance theirs. We are committed to cultivating their growth both mentally and physically.

Furthermore, it is apparent that a child can have tremendous progress within a year; hence, we encourage fathers to accompany their children for practices to give their child moral support. In addendum, dinner will be arranged to promote friendship among parents so that they can share their experience and support in each other children’s growth.

The team meets to practice every Saturdays morning from 8:30am to 12:30pm, with additional practice on Sundays before the tournament.

Below are some of the upcoming tournaments scheduled:-

21st & 22nd May’16 : Lion City Classic Tournament

1st & 2nd Oct’16 : South Asia Nankyu Tournament (Hosted by BCS, Venue will be in Singapore)

24th to 27th Nov’16 : Turkey Tournament

25th & 26th Feb’17: KL Nankyu Tournament (Venue will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Disregarding the level of experience, we welcome children at all times. Even if your child has the slightest of interest in baseball, he or she is welcome to enroll. Do come to our practice session to experience the sport.

Thank you.

With warmest regards,


Head Coach of BCS Junior