Our Sponsor & Supporters - 9th South Asia Tournament

We extend our sincere appreciation & heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to materialize the organization of this year's 9th South Asia Boys Nankyu Baseball Championship.

Without your strong support, it will be impossible to achive this success!

We look forward to everyone enjoying themselves on the event day!!

Cheers to All !

Our Sponsor & Supporters;

    • Akinori Singapore Pte Ltd (Ma Maison)
    • Amerex Petroleum Corporation, Tokyo
    • Bar Kishun (Bar Kishun)
    • Bridging Capital Pte Ltd
    • Dear Space Pte Ltd (Japanese Cuisine Hanashizuku)
    • Field Catering & Supplies Pte Ltd
    • Godaimon Kuidoraku Pte Ltd (Yakiniku Ao-chan)
    • Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc (SALONPAS)
    • Hitachi Capital Jun Taiyo Service Centre
    • Ichigo Pte Ltd (Tsukune ICHIGO)
    • Innotrek Catering Service
    • Kiharu LLP (Bar Kiharu)
    • Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant (Kotobuki)
    • Kyoto University American Football Club
    • Lounge Michikusa (Michikusa)
    • Nanja-Monja Japanese Restaurant (Nanja - Monja)
    • Nagase Kenko Corporation
    • NDA Design Pte Ltd
    • Nogawa Foods Enterprise Pte Ltd (Nogawa Restaurant)
    • Romix Singapore Pte Ltd (Ooi Japanese Dining)
    • Restaurant Himawari (Himawari)
    • Sankyo Global Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
    • Sential Jobs Pte Ltd (Tamaya Dining)
    • Shinsei Printing Asia Pte Ltd
    • Shinryo (Singapore) PTE LTD.
    • Shiseido Singapore Co Limited
    • Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd
    • Sultan Baseball Academy
    • Sundai Linden School (S) Pte Ltd (SUNDAI)
    • Yakult (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Yakult)
    • Parents of Baseball Club Singapore
    • Mr. N. Chomaru

Not Forgetting many others who have helped out in one way or another...

Thank you!

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