U-12 (Senior)


U-12: Under 12 years old, boys and girls.

Head coach: Mr. Kubo

Admin Manager: Mr. Tokiwa

Head Coach  Message

My Name is Kubo, the head coach in BCS Senior Team (Under 12) for year 2023-2024.


We currently have 29 members in our team with various members from different countries. There is no longer Covid

restrictions and we are finally in a circumstance that we can play baseball without restrictions, we are having daily activities

such as practice and games.


Our regular practice time is AM of Saturdays and Sunday, mainly at the Japanese Schools. We are prioritizing each players 

enjoy their loving baseball and also working on to enhance baseball skills and knowledges.


Also as a team sports, we encourage each players to learn how to work together with other teammates with good attitude. BCS is run 

by parent volunteers, we welcome all players who are interested in baseball as well as the parents to support the team!


We welcome all kids who are interested in baseball, please contact us for any inquiry.